What Makes Lactation Cookies Work

What Makes Lactation Cookies Work


Have you ever thought what’s in a lactation cookie that boosts milk supply in lactating and breastfeeding mums? Generally, lactation cookies provide essential vitamins and minerals to mothers who breastfeed, but if you’re not just like any mother, you’d want to know more about this wonder cookie that brings boon to breastfeeding mothers like you.


Every lactation cookie usually has any of the following basic ingredients: brewer’s yeast, wheat germ, flaxseed, and oats. Let’s dig deep into these ingredients and how they work in increasing milk production to breastfeeding mums.


Brewer’s Yeast. While it’s also used in making beer or bread, brewer’s yeast is used as a dietary supplement for breastfeeding mums as it helps in milk production by increasing vitamin B and chromium in breast milk. Brewer’s yeast also helps mothers cope with fatigue and postpartum depression or baby blues.


Wheat Germ. Loaded with lots of folic acid, wheat germ also has high levels of vitamin B and other vitamins like vitamin E, minerals like phosphorus, thiamine, zinc, and magnesium and essential fatty acids. Zinc is a must for breastfeeding mums as it helps protect cracked nipples, a regular occurrence when breastfeeding. And if you’re the type where you suffer from hair loss during lactation, you’d definitely benefit from wheat germ as vitamin E reduces hair loss and vitamin B helps promote growth of new hair.        


Oats. A good source of iron for breastfeeding mums, oats promote breast milk production, and many breastfeeding mums swear by it.


Now that you know the basic ingredients that goes into every lactation cookie, why not check out all the available flavours we have over at We’ve got Caramel/White Chocolate, White Choc Chunk, Peanut Butter, and other deliciously-flavoured lactation cookies. Or better yet why not try our Sampler Pack and discover which flavour suits you best!

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