Best Lactation Cookies Australia



Get the best lactation cookies in Australia from Milky Mothers! One of the biggest worries of nursing mothers is that they don’t have enough milk supply for their little ones. Fear not, mums! There are many ways you can increase your breastmilk production, and one of them is by regularly breastfeeding your baby. Regular breastfeeding triggers your body to produce milk but if your baby needs more milk, then a few extra breastfeeding sessions will increase your breastmilk. But doing so can be totally draining for your body.


Did you know that you roughly burn 500 calories a day when you breastfeed? This needs to be replenished so the ideal way to do that is to have the best nutrition, from taking in adequate amounts of protein to eating nutrient-rich food that will energise your body and encourage milk production. Breastfeeding takes a lot of energy away from you so you should also get enough sleep when you can, take lots of vitamins, and drink lots of water too.


Nutrition-filled Lactation Cookies


There’s another delicious way though to increase your breastmilk. And that is by consuming lactation cookies! Lactation cookies come in many flavours and pack a lot of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that encourage milk production. These ingredients are also known as galactagogues as they promote the production of breastmilk. These are Brewer’s Yeast, wheat germ, flaxseed, and oats. Other lactation cookies may contain other galactagogues like fennel, fenugreek, almonds, barley, apricots, milk thistle, and more.


Having these galactagogues as ingredients make lactation cookies healthy and nutritious. And Milky Mothers have come up with a variety of flavours that you will surely love, making them all perfect as your breastfeeding supplement. So now, you get delicious lactation cookies packed with all the goodness and benefits of galactagogues. Best of all, the cookies were all developed alongside nutrition professionals, guaranteeing that they all meet the Australian Nutrient Reference Values for Breastfeeding Mothers.


Best Lactation Cookies in Australia for Breastfeeding Mums


Produced in a first-rate food production facility that’s into food manufacturing for over 40 years in Victoria, Australia, Milky Mothers Lactation Cookies are made with care, strictly observing all the sanitary practices in handling food. From a well-maintained and clean working environment where all the equipment and contact surfaces are free from food hazards to a sanitised facility where employees and staff wear protective clothing, you are assured of great-tasting lactation cookies that are one of the most affordable on the market. Definitely the best for breastfeeding mothers!


Milky Mothers is proud to be one of the most reliable sources for the nutritional needs of nursing mums. We not only provide support to nursing mothers through our delicious and nutritious lactation cookies, but we also provide ongoing support to Mothers Milk Bank Charity, an institution helping mothers who are not able to produce breastmilk and require donations to support them and their new babies.


Milky Mothers Lactation Cookies come in Caramel/White Chocolate, White Choc Chunk, Milk Choc Chunk, Triple Choc, Peanut Butter, and Birthday Cake flavours. We also have a sampler pack of these deliciously-flavoured lactation cookies. Order yours today at!

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