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Milky Mothers is your go-to shop for the best cookies for breastfeeding moms in Australia. We know that pumping milk from your breasts can be a bit tad tedious. Extra breastfeeding sessions can also get you exhausted. While these things can help you increase breastmilk production, you’re almost always tired and exhausted afterwards. But your little bub needs all the milk to grow strong and healthy. So you need to go through all these…or treat yourself to the delicious and nutritious Milky Mothers Lactation Cookies. They’re formulated to support breastfeeding mums.


We know that breastfeeding is still best for babies. But what about what’s best for mums when they’re nursing? That’s where Milky Mothers enter the picture. The lactation cookies made by Milky Mothers are formulated and made alongside nutrition professionals. This assures each nursing mum to get back all the energy she lost during breastfeeding and have all the natural ingredients and specific vitamins and minerals she needs that not only meet the Australian Nutrient Reference Values for Breastfeeding Mothers but help her produce more breastmilk as well.


Breastfeeding Causes Fatigue


While this is always at the back of your mind, studies affirm that breastfeeding indeed causes fatigue. Not just the usual tiredness but exhaustion. For starters, the afterbirth period is well established as a period of sleepless nights or sleepiness. That’s because your body is healing and, of course, adjusting to life with a newborn baby. Breastfeeding can add to this feeling of exhaustion or fatigue.


Aside from the obvious reason for being dehydrated when breastfeeding, other factors that contribute to a nursing mum’s feeling of exhaustion are the loss of certain vitamins and minerals, and anaemia (due to iron deficiency). Another contributing factor is the hormonal changes a nursing mum goes through, especially when breastfeeding. Two hormones are released when nursing your baby: oxytocin and prolactin. It is suspected that release of moderate to high levels of prolactin when breastfeeding impacts daytime lethargy or sleepiness.


For these reasons, it’s crucial that a breastfeeding mother should have a proper diet and nutrition. And one way to supplement it is by consuming Milky Mothers Lactation Cookies.


Milky Mothers Breastfeeding Cookies for Moms


We’re mighty proud of our lactation cookies for breastfeeding moms! As mentioned, they’re made alongside nutrition professionals so nursing mums will surely benefit from all the ingredients that we have in our breastfeeding cookies. Not only do they help you combat fatigue but they help you produce breastmilk too! One of our regular galactagogue ingredients in our cookies is Brewer’s Yeast. Did you know that it’s been used for decades to enhance the production of breastmilk? Veteran parents, midwives, birthing coaches or doulas attest to its efficacy.


Another galactagogue that we have is Flaxseed. Flaxseed contains phytoestrogens. Phytoestrogens are estrogenic properties that can help in the production of breastmilk. It’s definitely a welcome ingredient to many home-baked desserts. A staple in many cookies, including breastfeeding cookies, is oats. This galactagogue contains estrogens too, and is a very good source of iron! Remember that iron deficiency we talked about earlier? Oats in breastfeeding cookies induce more production of prolactin, the hormone in charge of breastmilk production.


We’ve got a variety of breastfeeding cookies that come in delectable flavours: Caramel/White Chocolate, White Choc Chunk, Milk Choc Chunk, Triple Choc, Peanut Butter, and Birthday Cake. We also have a sampler pack of these deliciously-flavoured lactation cookies. Order yours today at!

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